What Are some Stereotypical attributes of vegans who Troll the Hunting section.?

Now be honest, how do you envision the anti-hunting vegetarian types who troll the hunting section just to get a mutitude of responses? Do you think they do it because the Vegan section is so pointless, or because they are not sure of their own beliefs...Come on Hunters, lets hear your responses.


Not a troll, this is a 'response' to an earlier troll that was jerking hunters around.

Update 2:

O.K., now you guys are starting to show some real understanding of the species. Getting close to a pick, but will wait until the 'slugs' wake up.

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    1)They are typically 13 year old girl or effeminate males

    2) they have little to no real life experience in the area that they are preaching about

    3) They think animals are equal to human, because animals are typically smarter than they are

    4) think that hunters are mean and sadistic because they kill deer with quick one shot kills and practice good management

    5) think wolves are beautiful and should be allowed to kill deer indiscriminately in the most brutal fashion

    6) they rail against the cruelty of hunting while munching on a cheeseburger

    7) Their total experience with nature comes from watching Disney movies and nature shows that redirect the camera when the predator kills or that always shows the prey getting away

    8) They cheer for the prey to get away in those kiddie documentaries because they are either hypocrites or they are too damn stupid to realize that that just means that the predator will die a slow painful death for it and it's possible young

    9) For the most part they are just pseudo intellectual half wits that have latched on to a cause that they think will make them look unique because thats what all the other pseudo intellectual half wits are doing

    If they actually believe in what they were preaching they would actually do the research and be able to stand toe to toe in a debate instead of relying on silly little girl emotionalisms

    If they did not lack intelligence and creativity they would not keep presenting the same failed arguments and same tired old talking points time and time again just to be disproven time and time again

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    sadly misinformed, and have no understanding of the natural world, because the closest they've been to nature is the discovery channel. Unlike most hunter/fishermen who grew up in nature and understand it.

    I bet hunters contribute more to conservation and have more respect towards nature then vegan hypocrites who say plants don't feel pain,

    and this and that. True no nervous system no pain. But plants are still living organisms regardless of pain or suffering. Pain is a natural thing. Maybe if they spent some time observing animals in the wild they'd get the picture. Just like when i shot a fox, my girl was like oh he's cute, she wasn't mad and isn't against hunting but thought he was cute. Which can be agreed he's a beauty of nature. Until i showed her his teeth. Then a few weeks ago we seen a bunch of baby turkeys in the field, and again she says oh look how cute.....and i said yeah, i bet the fox would think the same thing. Explained how he wouldn't think twice about eating them up. That doesn't mean i hate the fox, and again respect him as i do all god's creatures.

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    They don't seem to really understand that hunting equals management and that management guarantees the survival of a species.

    Take Africa for example. In some countries a huge chunk of their economy is based on big game hunting. This guarantees that those animals will be protected from poachers and carefully monitored to prevent over hunting. Now say all the sudden for some reason there's no money to be made from rich foreigners hunting those animals. Does anybody really think that they're going to bother protecting those animals from poachers anymore? Entire herds would be wiped out in one hunt just to take one or two pieces of the animal that fetch a high price.

    Same thing in America, stop hunting and poachers, that don't care about the number of elk tags issued that year or bag limits, will step in and do more damage than any legitimate hunters ever did.

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    I tend to stick on the Food and Drink section. I cook a lot and it's the subject I know most about. I occasionally answer in the Pet and Science sections. I know nothing about hunting, so I'm doubtful I'd be able to answer any of the questions, and as I don't hunt, I'd not want to ask any either.

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    I think you guys are being a little to kind to them. I think they are people who thrive on controlling the lives of other people. If it isn't the hunting issue, it's something else. (I'm talking about the adults, not the spoiled little kids who latch on to something because they think it makes them look "cool") They are people who love power above all else. They consider themselves more "enlightened" and intelligent than other people, and therefore think it is their duty to lead and control the unenlightened masses. Have you ever heard of a hunter who tried to force a nonhunter to go hunting with him/her? But these "vegans"(and I use the word vegan interchangably with anti-hunter) constantly try to force their way of life on others. Some actively interfere with people who are hunting. They pretend to be more compassionate than people who hunt or eat meat, but they are actually very ruthless, because above all they seek power over others. These same people want to eliminate gun ownership. Have you ever noticed how spitefull and hatefull their comments here are? All in all I'd say that they are extremely dangerous people, who may have even deluded themselves into believing that they are right and we are wrong, but that's really being too kind to them. I think deep down they all know that they really want to rule other people and their lives. They are the stuff that facism is made from. There may be a few who really truly believe that it is wrong to take animal life in order to eat, but plants live too, they just don't have big brown eyes like a deer does. Every animal that lives must take life in order to survive, unless it's a parasite and then it just sucks out a little life from it's host. Even the "true believer vegans" (if they really do exist) will swat a mosquito, or deer fly while they cheerfully eat plant life all day long. But I don't believe that true vegans even exist, I think most of them are just power hungry posers.

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    I will tell you what. I am convinced that a vegetarian diet is unhealthy for the human body (and mind). Some years back I went on the Atkins Diet, eating mostly meats and other high protein, low carbohydrate foods. I have to tell you, my mind was very sharp when I stuck to a meat diet. I don't remember the name of the substance (I think it's ketones), but when you go on an all meat diet, your body starts to breakdown fat and produce an energy source that replaces the carbohydrates. This energy source is actually the prefered energy source for brain cells. In fact, newborn babies are born with a high concentration of this stuff in their bloodstreams to help their newly forming brains to function properly. Lastly, Adolf Hitler was known to be a vegetarian. What kind of rational thinking person was he?

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    While I can't be sure of their intentions, I can be sure that (at least here in the United States) that I have never met a true "vegan." As definied by their own terms in the Memorandum of Association of the Vegan Society, "Veganism is a philosophy and lifestyle that seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose" (http://www.vegansociety.com/html/downloads/Article... How then can a vegan truly exist in the United States of America, as there are animal by-products that go into the manufacturing of the glues used to make our paper currency. So far as I can tell, even if a proclaimed American vegan uses their credit/debit card exclusively, they are still promoting the slaughter of animals for their own purpose, as someone, somewhere is receiving the American paper currency that they have spent electronicaly. Unless an individual lives by trade of goods for services or services for goods and abstains from known interactions with individuals that would use the fruits of their labor to gain money, than I am of the opinion that they are not a vegan and would be better served being critical of the dissonance created between the ideals and the reality of their lifestyle. Further, let me postulate that most "vegans" are not nearly as dedicated to the ideals of veganism as they believe. I am sure that they firmly would denounce that prior statement when directly preseted to them, however, when push comes to shove they'll bend to further their own benefit. To support this theory I challenge any vegan to denounce scientific animal research (which I suspect they initially would), and then not allow their child to recieve allopathic or pharmacutical treatment if that child should contract cancer (which would violate the operational definition of veganism as defined by their own memorandum).

    Source(s): Ph.D. student, Behavioral Neuroscience
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    I don't get people who eat fruits and vegetables, and think they are not killing anything. A fruit for example has seeds in it, meanwhile when they eat their fruits they throw out the seeds and they die, which means they killed a new plant from growing. Bread is made from grains seeds, that could of been grown for crops, therefore again killing life. Vegetables are life, growing plants, yet people don't care cut them down and eat them. As hunters we to eat vegetables and fruits plus meats, fish and poultry. As long as we take what we need, and help wildlife thrive, we are responsible hunters. Vegans can eat what they want, but don't force your clueless opinions on me!

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    Males: skinny, anemic, pale, Birkenstock wearing, hairless chested, driving a Chevy Chevette. Watches Oprah.

    Females: skinny, anemic, pale, Birkenstock wearing, hairy legs and armpits, driving a Ford Pinto. Watches Oprah.

    Both revel in victim-hood and hope to be martyrs of something one day.

    Just kidding. Some of the women shave.

  • I would have to say that they have no respect for the rights, beliefs, traditions, or food choices of others.

    They believe in PETA as if they where the church.

    They believe that animals should not be killed for food by anybody for any reason. They can believe that we would eat Bambi, Thumper, or Donald.

    I am a member of;





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