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help, my jack russell is having some itching issues, hes dragging his belly across the floor?

he also is biting at his tail so much that its raw in spots, and his ears arent perky. dont know if its fleas or allergies, any ideas

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    Could be allergies to certain food products, stay away from food with wheat in it, buy a good grade of food, I give my dogs Natural Balance as my Lab has severe allergies. You should also go to the Vet as it could be something else, or you could get meds, like steroids, my lab takes that twice a year in the summer months only, as this medication can have side effects.

    Good luck

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    Its likely allergies. My dog is allergic to chicken, lamb, beef and wheat. He's on a limited ingredient diet, but still develops rashes seasonally. You may want to have the vet test him for allergies (its expensive). They'll probably start off with an allergy med &/or prednisone to get the itching under control. (They can't test for allergies when on prednisone, tho.) They'll also probably put him on a limited ingredient diet to see if it improves. Mine also recommended a dose of benadryl when he's really itchy. Natural Balance makes a couple of good limited ingredient diets. Try lamb first, then duck if it doesn't improve. Remember to introduce new foods gradually over 2 weeks. 75% old & 25% new at first. Otherwise he could have digestive problems. You can also use a spray for "hotspots" because the chewing on bare spots (especially with terriers) can become an obsession.

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    Could be fleas, an allergic skin reaction, mites, mange - loads of things.

    Skin complaints in Jack Russells are fairly common.

    That being said, nobody will be able to tell you for certain until you have an exam and possibly a skin scrape at a vet. Book him in now before he tears more skin off!

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    Hi,it could be either.I would take him asap to the vet.My girl suffers from gluten allergy & is now having trouble with her thyroid.Please get him to a vet & Good Luck.

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