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When weight-trainging, is it not a good idea to do the whole body 3 times a week?

I have looked a routines on the internet and pretty much most of them work one-muscle group once a week and then work others on 2 other days. If muscles take 48hrs to recover then why dont people do whole body workouts 3 times a week. surely this is more sufficient.

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    There is a place for full-body workouts. Normally when starting weight training and when you need to shock your body out of a plateau.

    It really all depends on your goals. If you're looking for fitness and toning then you'll be okay doing a full-body routine. Do it on very heavy weights for too long and you'll over train.

    The most efficient way to train is to only train each muscle group once a week.

    There are more technical reasons why a split is more efficient than a full-body but I won't go into it here.

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    i dont think you udnerstand the concept of it, when your muscles get sore you need to rest them, if you work 1 msucle group indiviually then work another the next day then you arent going to be using the sore muscle group and can let it heal well.

    the problem with full body workouts is you work all muscle groups lightly so you are likely to get slight sores in them but you cant work out again until they have healed otherwise they wont grow and you will be in pain.

    its all about getting the most form your muscles and the quickest way to build muscle is by doing a muscle a day and only 1 muscle group, if your aiming for fitness and dont mind resting days then a full body workout is fine.

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    you can work out the same muscle in the same week, you just need a day to rest the muscle if you do heavy lifting. So if you work out upper body m, then tues. you can do lower. You don't need more than 48 hrs to recover. You may still feel sore, but your muscles can repair fairly quickly if you give them a day to rest.

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    Yeah mate, maximum serious element is endurance. you will see effects after the 1st month... btw, after each 2 weeks advance the quantity you're lifting so your muscle groups will construct.

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