Help! What should I do?

Okay well I went to band camp and I decided I didn't want to be in band anymore, well when I told my dad I was thinking about it, he was fine with it. But when I told him today that I acutally am, he got really really really mad and angry. I don't want to make him mad at me for it, but I don't want to tell him I really don't want to be in band anymore and get him even more mad.

Help what do I do?

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    i was in a marching band for 9yrs.7 of which i loved and 2 of which i hated.i stayed in the band cus i wanted to plse mi parents.well it was maikn mi so unhappy.2yrs of not hangin wid friends and having to play instruments and enter comps against other bands.even went to germany.but one day i camehome and id had enuff.doin it for some1 else.its not right.even if they be funny for awhile let them.they will still long as u not gona bum round the streets doin nothing its ok.try and find something else to do.honest they will get over it hun.......mine did.heard the comments for a couple of wks then it lifted.stick to ya grounds.u will omly mek yaself unhappy if u dont....gud luck hun.pinkssssssss

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    Tell him that you want to take some time off, because you are not enjoying it as much as you once did, and need some time off. You will not be as good as you could be, if you are getting burned out with it. You can always join, at a later date if you choose to. He will only stay mad for a short time, when you talk to him about it. Ask him is he would like to forced to do it if he was totally burned out with it? I am sure he has hobbies that he takes a break from.

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    tell him that you dont want to go anymore.

    say youve made your mind up,

    and tbh, he should respect your decision anyway.

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