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Question about recycling?

Is glass good to recycle?

I know plastic isn't and al cans are..

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    Glass is one of the few commonly used materials that can be repeatedly recycled without losing quality. Most plastics can be recycled, but they lose quality, this is called down cycling. Check out there is a lot of info about how and what to recycle. The site will also help you locate a local recycle center.

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    Glass is def. okay to recycle! You should recycle as much and as often as you can!! If you live in the city your town probably has a recycling route. You can go to their website and they should have a list of all the things they accept!

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    Yes of course Glass is very recyclable. It has to be separated according to the colors before crushed for recycling.

    Here is a knol on that

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    Just about anything (and probably everything) can be recycled one way or another. You don't need to just toss it into a bin to call it recycled. Think about it, be creative. I like to do what I call precylcling: don't buy into the excessive packaging, wrapping, advertising, BS that so many product have. If you don't buy it you won't have to worry about disposal.

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    glass, plastic, paper and al cans can b recycled. scrap metal too.

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    Glass is one of the best things to recycle. Here's an article that gives you 21 and information on how to do it.

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    Actually much plastic is good for recycling - it can be melted down and remoulded into new products.

    Glass also can be melted down and remoulded into new products. Most bottle/glass banks ask you to separat coloured glass from clear.

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