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What is the best and worst time of year to re-roof your home?

It's raining every afternoon here in northeast Florida. I got proposals for roof. Now I am having second thoughts about it.

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    The best time to roof a house is in the spring...if you can plan ahead. You can do it in the fall, but make sure it's early in the season so you still have a few hot days to seal those shingles. I hate roofing in the summer just because of the heat. It gets really hot some days. Anyway, it's important to have hot days after you roof to seal the shingles together. The heat "melts" the tar between each layer and bonds them together, creating a water tight seal. LOL I do agree with another post...if you aren't doing it and you have a good quote with an insured roofer.....let him deal with it. Then anytime is good.

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    All these posts are correct, but if it's too hot, the workers are just cooking and tend to want to get the job done as quickly as possible. The tabs will also tend to bond to each other before you get them in place when it's very hot. Gets kind of frustrating. Also, it's generally a bad idea to drape the shingles aver the roof ridge. ESPECIALLY if they stay like that more than a few hours. I've seen them take a permanent "curve" that can prevent them from laying absolutely flat.

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    Best time is in the spring. Worst time is in the late fall. The largest problem in Florida is the heat. But it is the heat that seals the shingles.

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    The driest time of year. I don't know if during it during the peak of hurrican season is the best idea. I'd probably look to early spring in Florida.

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    if you are not doing the job anytime is a good time except in hurricane season

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    best late spring worst summer

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