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Bettman dies, and you take over. What can you do for the NHL?

Let's just say fans finally assassinate him, and you were named in his will. Would you leave the NHL alone, or improve it (without implementing glowing pucks again)?

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    My programme:

    -Ask the NHL owners/BOG to elect a league president who will act on behalf of the NHL owners. As commissioner, I will act as a neutral between the NHL owners and the NHLPA. If the owners ask, I would recommend Bill Daly as NHL president.

    -Meet with Rene Fasel (head of the IIHF) and work out a transfer agreement, as well as ensure NHL participation in the 2014, 18, and 22 Olympics. Working with the IOC/IIHF, change the Olympic tournament be changed to an under-23 tournament, with each nation allowed three overage players.

    -Immediately implement a year-round PED testing programme following WADA protocols. Include players drafted by NHL clubs in this scheme.

    -Remove the instigator rule.

    -Open negotiations for a second US cable television partner (offering exclusive windows for Sunday evening, Saturday afternoon dates which do not conflict with current NBC window nor Versus weekday windows).

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    1 decade ago

    Keep the game as is it except for the instigator rule. Changing rules every few years just leads to confusion for the average fans which are the majority of them.

    I would fold/buy out 6 teams so we could get back to 24. I would do this by eliminating the lowest rated teams based on average % capacity and money loses over maybe 10 years or so. This would weed out teams that have poor attendance year after year and if they aren't losing money are probably not terribly profitable. I would put all those players into a draft so 1 team cant load up on players through free agency (Rangers) or just being a popular team (Wings). It would also probably require increasing the salary cap for a few years so teams could actually sign these guys.

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    I think I would try to make scoring a little easier, how it was back when Wayne Gretzky played for Edmonton. I also think making more goals would draw more crowd but that is not why I would do it, I would do it so records like 92 goals in one season have a chance of being broken, not too much of a chance but a chance none the less. I would change anything big like having 4 on 4 hockey (they talked about that last year), or a penalties time, or getting rid of fighting, but I might increase goal size a little, and the little things that change the game in a positive way.

  • 3 years ago

    2 lock outs below his watch, the loss of life or struggles of the smaller industry communities (IE: Buffalo, Pittsburgh,Winnipeg, Quebec) the shortcoming of a few Canadian communities to American Markets (See above). The moving of the league into the "sunlight belt" portion of the rustic. some followers ***** of the growing to be length of the Arenas, americanizing the sport (i've got heard some followers whine with regard to the sweaters being observed as Jerseys for crying out loud!) opportunities to enhance the sport he has overlooked (opportunities to develop velocity of sport play, scoring etc) like after the Olympics some years back while he observed how many human beings have been loving the worldwide regulations. He HAS made strides... reducing goalie pad length and a pair different regulations to develop scoring and bringing back the shootout have been actual bonuses. yet regrettably, he hasn't achieved a lot greater desirable than that and could consistently be remembered because of the fact the guy who had 2 lockouts in the time of his watch.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like the NHL how it is.Don't change any rules (Except instigator rule).The only thing I would do is pull the Thrashers out of Atlanta and put the team in Quebec City.

    I could have went the whole day without reading the words "glowing puck".

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    1. It's either a penalty or a dive --- the ref only has one choice

    2. No more teams in a "non-hockey market" until Winnipeg, Quebec, and Hartford have teams.

    3. Either end the game in a tie after the 5 minute OT or change the shootout to 5 players. I don't care just change it from it's current rules.

    4. Give the goalie more room. I'm not in favor of a crease rule as all that did was disallow good goals. But goalie interference calls will skyrocket when I'm in charge.

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    Gotta agree with Joe on this one, the game is good except for the instigator rule and possibly the automatic penalty for delay of game when clearing the puck over the glass. I would give the refs some leeway on that one.

    I would also consider stiff fines for GM's bad mouthing each other (Brian Burke) with the fine payable directly to the new commissioners Swiss bank account.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Kevin K - shut it down and send it back to Canada? Maybe all of the original players were from Canada, but 2/3 of the original six teams were American.

    LeafsFan has a good plan.

    Good call Adam.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, it's easy, do things the opposite of Bettman, and hockey will be good! I would change the criteria of no goalsbeing reviewed, and make Detroit no longer Public Enemy No. 1, and let them catch Toronto

  • 1 decade ago

    Move Nashville to Winnipeg. Put teams back in Quebec and Hartford.

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