Having dream about gender of baby?

Have you ever had a dream while you were preg that you were having a boy or girl and your baby came out has what you were dreaming about in your sleep?

My first pregnancy I had a dream that I was having a girl..turns out I had a girl.

With This pregnancy I dreamed of having a boy and I am having a boy!

Has anyone else experienced this?


Well it might sound wierd but everthing I have said is true! Call me a pyshic then!!!

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    I've had *the* weirdest thing with dreams in my pregnancy- I had six dreams between weeks 13 and 16, and in five of them I was having a girl. I was only having a boy in one.

    The day of my 19 week scan I got back from finding out that I was having a girl to find three different emails in my inbox- one from a friend in the US, one from a friend in Canada (I'm in Australia), and one from a local Aboriginal Elder I work with here. All three of them had dreams the night before that I was having a girl.

    I've been wondering if my baby might be psychic, not me! It's absolutely crazy.

    Source(s): 24 weeks pregnant with a girl, and a very odd collection of accurate dreams by me and others
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Since there are only two possible outcomes for gender, there is a 50% chance that your dream will be correct for one pregnancy, even if the gender in your dream is just random and there is no real effect of premonition or intuition. There is a 25% chance that your dreams will be correct for two pregnancies in a row - still reasonably strong odds. And of course, the baby's gender is one of the big questions that are on our minds throughout the pregnancy.

    I had several vivid dreams of having a boy my third time around. I was wrong; I had a girl - but interestingly, her face looked exactly like the face of the baby in my dreams! Who can explain these things?

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    I dont remember having dreams about my son being a boy....but this pregnancy I had 1 dream so far. In my dream the ultrasound tech told my husband it was a boy at our 12 week ultrasound. (didnt tell me..dont know why) when my hubby told me this I called him a moron and said it was WAYY to early to determine the babies gender! Then it skipped to later in the pregnancy and we had an ultrasound to determine the gender....they said it was a girl!

    Im not sure what I am having yet but I would like the dream to be right!

  • *Tina*
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    1 decade ago

    This is my first pregnancy and at first all I had was dreams of a boy, but I am having a girl. Now all I dream about is a girl. I kinda thought I was having a girl all along, my husband thought we were having a boy. So maybe thats why I dreamed of boys at first.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not pregnant or even thinking about being pregnant but, I've had 2 dreams where people handed me 1 baby and one dream it was a girl and the dream I had most recently it was a boy.

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    I didn't do that with my first pregnancy, I knew right off what I was having. but with this one yes I dreaming that I gave birth to a beautiful little girl and that is what I am having. The weird thing for me though, I was actually giving birth in my dream. Talking about waking up scared to death.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That is so cool---it may have something to do with a mothers intuition. The mother after all knows the baby better than anyone after carrying it around for 9 months!

  • 1 decade ago

    I had that happen to me too! but I 'knew before the dream and the ultrasound that I was having a boy! mothers intuition...

  • 1 decade ago

    i had a dream my friends wife was gonna have a girl and she did!

    does that count?

  • 1 decade ago

    That is the weirdest things I have ever heard... so did you dream what I was having lol, I need to know asap... let me know Thanks

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