How much would a trip to Mardi Gras cost? Airfare, Hotel, and Food/Drink.?

Arrive Thursday night and leave on Wednesday afternoon.

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    airfare you can check online.

    hotels figure like $120 a night minimum. you need to book more than a year in advance for some French Quarter favorites.

    food and drink that depends on where and what you eat.

    especially if you drink a lot of alcohol

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    Its a hard question to answer without knowing where your flight orginates from, what level of hotel you are staying and and how you want to eat. It is the high season so hotels will be at their most expensive rates the whole year. Most hotels will AT LEAST double their rates. Drinks and food remain the same, $3 for a beer, $5 for a drink, $8 for specialty drinks like hurricanes/daquiris etc. I have noticed more and more during festivals that the clubs are raising their cover charges too. Oh well the price you pay...even us locals suffer. lol

    A site such as (expedia etc) should help you plan your flight and hotel or at least give you an idea.

    Probably a good thing to start booking though as many hotels book up a year in advance.

  • eddie
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    1 decade ago

    More than $20

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    Quite a bit. Many places are already booked for Mardi Gras believe it or not. Hotels triple their rates at that time. You sort of need to do your own research.

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    e book quickly-- think about extra alternatives. the rooms do top off...yet specially for the great weekend of fat tuesday. in case you desire a funds stay, evaluate a hotel in metairie or kenner. you'll spend about 0.5 what the quarter or uptown/backyard district will charge. in spite of this, area is often the major. one previous rn down position worth a glance is corn stalk hotel. it really is cool-- elvis stayed there many situations. it has a large tale (fence) and it really is in the middle of the quarter. hi, it is previous; yet classic. otherwise, you could get quite some deals with the help of procuring on line. enable a hotel search for website discover comp prices for you. global domicile is a cool, contemp position one block remote from qtr it really is extremely high-quality.

  • it depends if you wanted to go to my grandgathers old ratty place extremely cheap but if you want to go to a real hotel expensive also we would have to know where you are coming from i would have to estimat about in range of 500-700 dollars or more for hotel airfaire really depends i guess i would estimate about 200-300 per ticket and food probably about 100 maybe less depending on what and how much you eat

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    i would say roughly a total of 700-1000... your best bet is to go to orbitz or somthing and price it...

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