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Who would bet against Rangers doing the damage on Tuesday ?

I was a little dissapointed we did not manage to score last night, but am very confident that we will finish the job next week.

After our great form away from home last season, (getting results in Lyon, Lisbon and Florence), I am confident we can progress.

And another thing, Rangers started the match with 2 strikers, and had 4 on the bench, 3 of which came on as subs. Looks to me like the only team playing 'one up front' this season will be Celtic, if either McDonald or VHOH get injured/suspended/lose form.

Changed days indeed.

Who would bet against the Bears finishing the job ?


They have no option but to play one up front, unless you count Goofy the Greek as a striker. I hope Strachan does, he couldn't hit a coo's erse with a banjo.

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    think rangers will get the away goal...i also hope if that kenny doesn't work out walter doesn't just keep playing him to prove a point...hopefully he plays a different formation next far the away form has been good..hope it continues

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    Your score could be realistic 1-0, but if for a second you Rangers fans think your gonna beat them by more than a goal you got to be kidding, this isnt stuttgart your playing who are at the bottom end of the league, this is Seville 3rd in La Liga only behind Barca and Madrid..

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    I have noticed something about you Billy boy....every Rangers question you put up always has to have a little bit of slagging off Celtic in there?

    I think Rangers are suffering from the loss of Barry and Walter putting shite on the park and leaving good on the bench..if he does not rectify his choices in the away game i think they will struggle.

    As for Celtic the transfer market is still alive..we may sign a striker yet

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    a wouldn't as by the next match you'll get that elusive goal were i believe the goal will come off one of their players

    as you've just said if 5 forwards played a part in the game and could'nt muster a goal do you not think the gers should start wi one up front after that remark

    bring on the 4IAR

    Source(s): am glad your still a banter aboot samaras "coos erse banjo he'll be the wan pulling the string and hittin the right notes when he leads you lot a merry dance" HE'LL FINISH TOP SCORER (that's how good he is and he is very quick and decisive)
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    Problem is: who's gonna get an away goal? You can't expect last season's knife-edge stuff to work forever.

    Also, only 34,000 at Ibrox -- did fans think it would be an easy game, or was it the prices?

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    You have lost it, ya sad old tool. Your away form wasn't too clever when you came to paradise. None of your strikers could score in a brothel, including boydachenko (unless you are playing Gretna, Falkirk or suchlike)

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    y would celtic be playin 1 up from is skippy or JVOH are not playing?

    rangers should get through but i said on here yesterday it would be tough as kaunas' league is already well underway and they have many competitive games under their belt this season already

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