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Ok, so we are given a project on bio-diversity to do at school. we are to do in half a sheet of chart paper.But the problem is, we can't think of how to arrange it all. I mean, animals do live outside forests, like the polar bears and penguins. Someone suggested that we draw a big circle on the chart paper and inside the circle, there will be the penguins and polar bears ( I know they live in opposite poles, but still) in a white background, because it's the snow. and outside the circle, in the rest of the paper, there will be trees and birds and animals. But won't it look too odd, I mean, suddenly a white circle among all that greenery. If we do it the other way, with the forests in the circle and the snow outside, it will still look odd. Do we have any suggestions? We are at a complete loss. And we have to do all this in school, so it will be all the more difficult. Also, can you say how to go about the decoration?will streamers and beads look nice on the sides of the paper?Thanks


We thought about dividing teh paper into half and then doing the snow in one half and the forests in the other, but it will look worse, won't it?

Update 2:

But it wont be like in a map. We have to draw those animals and trees or paste pictures all in one page!

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    draw a map. put colour coded dots in broad areas. for eg, green trees where there are forests, red dots where there are tropical animals etc. yellow dots for birds.

    hey wait a minute, this has many one-page ideas.

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    It depends. Comparing rain forests to coral reefs are sort of like comparing apples to oranges, since one is aquatic and the other is terrestrial, and there are a lot of factors tied to that. I believe that the Great Barrier Reef has the largest biodiversity in the world, but I would assume that tropical rain forests are more abundant world-wide so in terms of quantity rain forests might have more biodiversity.

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