Signs of pregnancy??

I have a missed period (10days), dizzinesss, tired more than usually. I pee more frequently, and it's clear. went to the doctor yesterday did a urine test was neg. they also did a blood test, i got to call this morning to get results. my boob are sore, but the soreness comes and goes. so basically i haven't had a period all the month of july... that's unusal pleaz help me out... i want a baby so bad... maybe to early to tell on a urine test, but would a blood test let me know for sure, even if i was a lil preggo??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    they are all the signs of pregnancy but you could also be geeting your hopes up and convincing yourself you are, could be down to stress and wanting one so badly. urine tests early on are not always reliable so a blood test would be more reliable, good luck, hope it works out for u

  • the blood test will show for deffinate if you are pregnant or not. Good luck x

  • not to sound negative but because u want a baby so bad, stressing about one can delay ur period and give u baby phantoms...u have all the symptoms but no baby

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    No probally not. just try again with who ever you did it with befor and kepp trying till one day when you tump you may get preggo

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  • 1 decade ago

    first its PREGNANT not preggo

    and yes take a test or get a blood test done it will know if your pregnant or can your possibly be ''a lil preggo''

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    siunds like u r

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