Does this, or does this not promote racism/segregation?

I work at a place where we are always researching districts/schools websites and I am finding things like this more and more common. This was literally copied and pasted from a district’s website! Is it just me, or does this not teach the children by example that segregation is ok?


We now have a Web page for announcements and information related to the African-American Parent Committee meetings and activities. Please click on "District 20", then "Parent Connections" and then "AAPC" right below the "Parent Connections". Thank you.


Me: I am half hispanic (mom's side) I understand fully what you are talking about! However...........

Update 2:

31 year old half breed

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    It's not racism or segregation IF it's started or was thought of and requested by African American parents. There are MANY MANY issues I went through in school that my white friends had no inkling about. It sounds like a support group. It sounds fine with me.

    Have you watched the entire series of CNN's Black In America? It's oh so true. I guess when you've been called a ******, a monkey, laughed and called ugly because you weren't white/hispanic you'll understand better. When you get pulled over CONSTANTLY by the police because your man's driving your 2008 Chrysler 300, you'll understand...

    I would like to join such a committee if it existed in my daughter's school. They have one but its bilingual, and most of the time their speaking spanish and forget about the rest. I just stopped going... I was getting no where being in it it seemed.

    Source(s): A 25 year old African American mother of an 8 year old
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    Given that African American could not even vote until 1962, I think any and all support groups for African Americans are by definition none segregationist. In my opinion they should form a militia.

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    The black church is the forming of there own Melita. African American an artificial comunist.

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