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Period Question?

Can you tell you have had an accident or like if you leaked? Or does it not happen a lot?

Does it happen more with pads or tampons?

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    yeah i can tell when i leak when its lighter then my regular period. i dont use tampons, i hate them.

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    if you are wearing a pad it's hard to tell. because you feel the blood comming out all the time and you don't know if it has made it to your clothing.

    if your wearing a tampon it is easy to tell because you don't usually feel the blood comming out beucase it is worn inside of you. so when you DO start feeling it come know your leaking and need to change it quick.

    It happens alot if your a heavy bleeder. but you could wear a tampon and a pad at the same time and that usually will take care of it and you won't leak.

    It really doesnt happen that often. But seriously every girl/woman has this happen to them like AT LEAST once in their menstruating lifetime.

    The worst is when you have no idea you've leaked and your walking around with a blood stain on your jeans. and of course the general public is too shy to let you know.

    One time in 8th grade i was in class and could feel taht i was leaking. so i got up to ask the teacher if i could use the bathroom. HE said no. when i turned around to go back to my seat i geuss he saw the back of my jeans and there was blood...cuz he was like "umm never mind, yeah why don't you go to the bathroom and heres a pass tot he nurses office fi you need one.." i was like what the heck. so i got to the bathroom and sure enough i had leaked. it was embarassing that he saw it...but nice that he was concearned for me. haha.

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    if im gna have an accident, its bound to be when im asleep, normally ill wake up and i can just tell. it dosent usually happen in the day, but wearing a tampon and i pad will probably make accidents alot less likely during the day, however i wouldnt recomend tampons for the night time as you have to change them or it can be very dangerous if you leave them in to long.

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    I can tell when I have it. I usually feel more confortable with tampons then pads

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  • ya i only leak at nite but i rather use pads cus they're uncomfortable in my opiniion and if u leave them in too long, u have to go to a hospital or something so they can take it out(well dats wat my frend told me bout her grandma)

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