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My dog is licking himself and scratching himself raw. He's older, he itches like crazy, no bugs visible.?

What can I do? He's licking and scratching himself to the point of open wounds and it doesn't matter if we give him one of those things around his head that he can't. A week later when he's all healed up he'll start again on a new spot where there were no scratches before or irritations or anything. I'm just saying it's just his skin he's got dandriff all over he's just plain itchy everywhere and if he had it his way he'd chew himself to death. Hate to see my dog suffering this way. But I don't have $100 right at this moment to go see the vet and get meds. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to keep the itching down?

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    See the vet. It could be allergies or dry skin. Good luck!

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    Sorry calling the vet is your best bet. Sounds like you dog has some serious allergies. You can bath your dog using a colloidal oatmeal shampoo, rinsing well and using an oatmeal conditioner. Make sure that it's a good brand and not crap. Dermapet is one of the better ones out there. Sometimes cleaning the skin and getting all the irritating crap off of it will help the dog a lot. Also feeding your dog a good quality hypoallergenic diet might help. Plus I cannot say enough about flea control. One bite from a flea on a dog with flea bite allergies will cause many of the symptoms that you are describing. Use a flea repelling product like Advantix. The fleas do not have to be on the dog to cause an issue so make sure that you wash the dogs bedding and vacuum anywhere that the dog is to pick up the fleas, nymphs, and eggs. Put part of a flea collar in the vacuum bag to kill those that the vacuum misses too. Don't use a flea collar on a dog with allergies as they can cause even more skin problems. Good luck.

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    Organic Apple Cider Vinegar can take care of itchiness.

    My little dog would do the same thing until I balanced the acidity in her body with apple cider vinegar. I take one part vinegar and one part water and put a few drops on her paw each day. Normally people put a few drops in their dogs water but my dog won't drink the water so the only way I can get her to take it is if I put it on her paw. Not just any apple cider vinegar will work either. It has to be the unpasteurized organic kind that when setting on a shelf for a while has some bits and pieces settled at the bottom of the jar. Not only does this prevent hot spots but it also keeps fleas and ticks from biting her....fleas and ticks won't bite a dog who's body acidity is balanced.

    Also another thing....your dog may be allergic to certain ingredients in his food. Changing his diet may be an answer also.

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    He has developed a allergy and you are going to have to find the cause with a vet. Until you get him there a warm oatmeal shampoo or mellalucca shampoo bath might ease the itching. Tea tree oil treatments will also help with the dry skin. Check your local pet store. Again you need to get him to the vet.

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    My dog did that to his tail once. We wrapped it in that medical tape to keep him from being able to chew it and lick it. I guess it was a habit, and he stopped like a week after that. Good luck!

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    try to give your dog childrens benadryl for allergies thats what my vet said for my dog. my dog doesnt have the dandruff though just likes to bite and scratch. The benadryl works for my dog.

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