Are other countries having the same numbers of pregnant teens as the US?

Curious if this is a world wide pandemic(so to speak) or if it's localized to the U.S.


"I wish your government would wake up and realise that teenagers will be teenagers, and they need to know more about protection."

I have NEVER heard our govnt tote abstinence. They show 10 year olds how to put on condoms in our public schools. Think that's worked well? Here's a joint, here's how to smoke it, here's where to get it, but just dont do it. Yeah, that mentallity has really worked well.

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    People in other countries might be noticing a lot of teen pregnancies (I'll admit, I was at the doctor's surgery the other day and there was a girl about my belly size in a high school uniform- I'm Australian)- however, the fact is this- the United States of America has double the adolescent pregnancy and birth rates of any other industrialized country.

    Check out this link for some other scary facts about teen pregnancy in the US, and then tell me how effective abstinence is as a sex education technique. You should hear about the difference in our AIDS rates. I wish your government would wake up and realise that teenagers will be teenagers, and they need to know more about protection.

    Source(s): 24 weeks pregnant and quite shocked at all the teen pregnancies in America
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    i have recently moved to scandanavia from NY...and i think these teen girls are way more premiscuious... and the line americans draw for the opposite sex is non exsistent here- meaning i was at a club and some guy just grabbed my *** i slapped him and cursed him out and everyone stared at me like "what is wrong with you?" I think also the culture is way different like censorship is complete opposite here compared to the states... they are more concerned with violence rather than nudity or there are reg. tv commercials of people having sex (a phonebook comm.), a condom comm. of a girl masturbating, a car comm. of a family getting stuck in a nudist colony .... hard to get used too... but entertainment is american all around and i believe around the world-music and movies... so things we know is just hollywood they think is actually "american" and in europe we are like cool to them lol

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    uh well lets just say in australia if you walk into a teens clothing store you won't get far because its packed with chicks that have prams so u can't really get thru the aisles no joke well where i live anyway i live in tasmania

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    yes ireland especially Dublin the amount of young pregnant teens its terrible what has the world come to!

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    yep certain parts of england have huge rates, when i went for my scan the other day there were quite a few young girls (all with mothers not partners) and they were all stood outside smoking fags

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    Im from Ireland and the situations not too bad...

    But in the UK....

  • Scotland, UK.

    we're havin it too

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