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to Believe, what does that mean?

if one believes in the company they work at they will do what with all the rules (laws) they have to follow?

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    Belief is to intellectually accept that something is so. On the other hand faith is taking action based on sufficient evidence. I can believe a parachute can save my life, but I must put it on and put my faith in it to do so.

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    Yes. The same goes for religion. If you believe that God created man to worship Him, you will defend your beliefs.To trust and rely on something is believing. But what we believe does not change what is true. No matter how much you believe something that is not true, the truth will still be true. We will only change what we Think is true,In the the end, we have to look at the evidence to conclude what is true. Believe is uselss,if it is based on lies. This gives a false sense of security and hope. Seek the truth that comes from God and let Him guide you to a greater life.

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    Peace and blessings be upon you.

    To Believe means to accept deep from your heart that the God only is who control yourlife and Nothing happen to you against his well.

    And if all people united and agreed to benefit you with something ,this will not happen if the God didn't want that for you.

    And if all the people united and agreed to harm you ,this will not happen if the God didn't want this harm for you.

    So if you wanted to ask for anything ,ask the God.

    and if you wanted help , ask the God for help.

    We follow the God who organized our life by his religion , and who ordered us to be sincere in our work and respect its rules as long as it don't include cheat , lying , injustic or any bad principles.

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    What has belief got to do with work?

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    I understand your 'prologue' but not your 'epilogue.'

    To be-lieve or not to be-lieve that is the question.

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    Again in English, please?

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