Stop pill over 2 months ago. got my period late the first month, still havent gotten second month.?

I stopped taking birth control 2 months ago. the first month after i got my period 10 days late. Now its month two and I am late again. I took pregnancy test last month and was negative. I took another test the day my period was expected and was also negative. is it normal for your period be off even two months after i stopped taking the pill? I was told by the doctor last month its normal on the first cycle. is there a possibility of being pregnant or i am just getting overly worried that i might be pregnant or not? when will be the best time to take a blood pregnancy test? when will be the best time to take a home pregnancy test? Have any of you women have had your period go out of wack even months after stopping the pill?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I haven't ever been on the pill, but I have had friends who are and they have irregular period when they forget to take their medicine everyday or stop taking it! I think your just worrying yourself too much!!

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