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I know this is stupid but...?

O.k, I know this question is stupid and nobody will probably answer me but i REALLY need help.. I have a nintendo DS, and About 6 months ago I got a yoshi island game for it.. I LUV that game but I'm really stuck. In file 5 world 6, 5-6, theres a part where you have to shoot a flying cload to get a key.. Theres a wall with spikes blocking it and this enemy shooting you.. Ive been trying to shoot that damn cload for a month or two but nothin works.. I just can't get it.. It made me sooo mad i just gave up.. Well, lost the game chip and just found it today. Please if yuo know how to like position urself and where to shoot at it would help me alot.. I was as specific as i could be about it but please please please I really wanna get past it to the end.. Only 2 away to finish!!!


Oh, and the spiky things the enemy is shooting at you, you can eat um... if that helps...

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    move from left to right and catch spikes

    he will eventually stop sending spikes for abut 10 sec. quickly shoot it then.

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    left to right

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    Sorry i don't play this game but my advice to you is keep trying and never give up. :)

    you can add me if u want

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