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How do I back-up my iTunes music?

I have searched for similar questions on here and many people say to back it up on a flash drive, but how? In my 'My Music' folder there is a XML document 'iTunes Music Library', an 'iTunes Music Database File' and an 'iTunes Music Folder'. When backing it up do I have to back up all three? And if I move the back-up on another computer when downloading iTunes again, will it work and sync with my iPod?


Sorry, not involving other programs. I was just wondering do I have to back-up all the folders in my iTunes folder and when moving them onto another computer what to do then.

Update 2:

Thanks. Is there anyway of backing it up on a flash drive? Instead of a CD?

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    In the "File" tab in iTunes,click "Back Up to Disc....." Then a pop-up will give u a choice of backing up "Entire itunes libary and playlists music" ,"Purchased itunes music" or "Only back up items added or changed since last back up".U can only pick one. U can also back up to multiple discs (a Blank Cd or a Blank DVD will work) if u have a big music collection.

    EDIT: Are u talking about a "USB drive"?? You can back up to a"External Drive" on ur computer what ever that is.I'm not sure if thats what it is though.Here's a link :

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    Sharepod. Google it. I mean, yahoo it.

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