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What is a good website to book a cruise on?

Eg. Should we book directly with the cruise line's website, or go with something like travelocity?

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    I always book my cruises directly on the cruise line web sites because:

    -I personally thing you get more information and more accurate information on the cruise line web sites.

    -I first research what cruises are available on the cruise line web sites so I know exactly what cruise itineraries are offered and how much the cruise line is charging,

    -After this research I know exactly what's available and NOT just what the travel agency sites like Vacations To Go, are offering;

    -I can make all of my selections of date, cabin, dinner seating, departure port, etc right on the cruise line site;

    - The cruise line web sites have complete deck plans and cabin layouts, with photos and sq footage, so you can see exactly what you will get with each type cabin;

    -If I need an answer to a question there is a phone number on the cruise line sites to call for assistance; you get an immediate answer instead of waiting for a travel agent to call the cruise line and get back to you;

    - If you have to cancel or make a change then you are subject only to the cruise line policy, not a Travelocity policy which may charge $10 to cancel.

    Most of the cruise lines web sites are easy to use. I have found that Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Celebrity have the easiest and Princess has the hardest to use to search for cruises.

    Source(s): experienced cruiser who uses cruise line sites.
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    I also prefer booking with the cruise company web site. They will correct mistakes you may make, give you all the info you need, and the prices are the same as if you used a travel agent. Now I have also booked through "vacations to go" because they have some of the best prices available, but they pick the cabin for you. You just tell them the category such as balcony, or window, and they give you what they got. You have to phone them in order to book though, Travel agents are great to use for first times cruisers and for booking multiple families and such.

    Source(s): 8 cruises under my belt & #9 comming.
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    What I do is go to There website is easy to use, is comprehensive and shows you the latest discounts on cruises. When I know about when and where I want to go, I use this website to find the cruise that has the deepest discount. Then I shop around for that cruise to find the agent/service that is booking it the cheapest.

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    Here is the best website for booking cruises

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    you do no longer might desire to pay to get off at a port of call. As on your a protracted time i might might desire to trust time travler asserting you may get on maximum cruises different than carnival. I easily have continuously booked my cruises on the cruise traces real internet site.

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    Don't use the website use a cruse travel agent. We do not charge you for our services.

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    Try you can get good prices and service

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