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You find out that your god hasn't always existed. Would this undermine your faith?

Assuming, of course, that your god is everything else that you believe it to be...


"I don't assume anything !!!!

God does exists !!!!!"

Actually, I would sort of consider that one of the larger assumptions that could be made. Are you being facetious?

Update 2:

Billh, there are so many people on this forum to whom this question applies, that I don't feel it's necessary to bore the people to whom this question is relevant with redundant details. Moreover, many theists believe that their version of a god has always existed or, to put it another way, is uncreated despite doctrine not being entirely clear on this point. Also, I always expect at least a little if not a lot of flak on this forum even for detailed questions. Why waste my time clarifying my question for people that are looking for something to "bust" me for anyway? I only care about the answers that actually sincerely (or sincerely try to) answer my question.

Finally, this IS a hypothetical question, so how you might find out that your god has not always existed is, in my opinion, irrelevant and diverts attention away from the point. Of course, you can always discuss this further elsewhere if the philosophical and religious implications interest you.

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    People sure using the word ASSUME today a lot !!!! I don't assume anything !!!!

    God does exists !!!!!

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    I, personally, am an inveterate polytheist. Many of my gods have parents. One has a birthday (December 25th), but it's not Jesus. Several co-exist with other deities in pantheons whose mythologies contain contradictory origin myths. Unlike Charles Schultz, I don't take my religion seriously; It's caused too many mental health problems for me in the past.

    For those who believe in an eternal God, no empirical evidence of God's origin is possible. How can you find out what cannot be substantiated? The comparison to the Irresistible Force Paradox is valid. This is a semantic argument. If faith trumps empirical evidence how much more does it trump semantics?

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    this is a bit of a silly(not silly stupid but silly like asking a public person if he has STOPPED beating his wife) question much like other questions such as; can God made a rock so big that he himself can't lift it.

    The other unusual thing about your question is that you don't state whether or not your God( or the theoretical you in the question) claimed he/she did have eternal prior existence. If no claim was made then there is no contradiction.

    This question also begs a second question; how do you "find out that your God hasn't always existed"?

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    The only way I'd find that out or have it proven to me, is when I die.

    Then it doesn't matter, because I'm dead.

    But then you can say "I told you so" when your dead and you find out for sure--but you couldn't tell me that cause your dead too.

    So I guess, if there isn't a God, then it doesn't matter--at least I tried my best not to do things for myself and help others.

    If there is a God...

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    I resemble that remark! I have always existed...well, at least since I was born...and NO! The fact that I didn't exist before I was born and that I will cease to exist after I'm dead will not ever undermine my faith in Me

    I now bow to Me

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    Dont assume my dear cos God does exist.

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