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i have a massive coldsore under my lip.

i get coldsores all the time, can someone help me out.

i take tablets for them, but is there any home made remedies that will work? :] peacee (L)

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    Put alcohol on it, like rubbing alcohol. It kills the germs. Aloe vera usually helps it heal better too.

    Certain foods trigger cold sores. You might want to looks that up, and stay away from those foods. I know peanuts are killers for cold sores.

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    I used to get them from certain things I ate.

    Try Abreva, or Herpecin - also apply rubbing alcohol frequently throughout the day, this will help to dry it out and keep the germs off of it.

    If I could clearly see a part of it that I could somehow get the clear fluid out - sounds gross I know, but I would try really hard with a needle to poke a tiny hole in it very gently so that the clear fluid would drain out - after that I just kept up with that process because skin heals back over the hole you poked and will fill up 1-2 more times before completely going away.

    This sped up it going away, so you could try that but just be careful not to jab at it.

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    Have you ever tried abreva. Its like $17 dollars for a small tube but it works really well.

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    Use Abreva. I swear by it. Also, once it clears up go by a tub of Carmex and use it every night before you go to sleep. It has helped me not get any.

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    abreva's the best.

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