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from japanese to english please?

Maryには英語で書けばいいのか日本語で書けばいいのか分からないよ~ XD


what does it mean? sorry i'm learning. i think it's because i don't understand the "iinoka" part that that is why i'm confused.


thankyou <3

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    Mary writes in English pretty good and Mary writes and understands Japanese. Which had better kana?

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    Maryには英語で書けばいいのか日本語で書けばいいのか分からないよ~ XD


    It means, "Mary doesn't know if she should write in english or japanese~. XD. Which one is better?"

    "iinoka" by itself means, "if its okay" so in this case if it would be , "Mary doesn't know if it's okay for her to write....."

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