Alchohol Problems?

My friend told me i am an alchoholic because i go out every night and usually get intoxicated.

I dont think im an alchoholic, but i dont want to NOT drink because i enjoy drinking.

How do I know if im an alchoholic?

And if i am, what should i do?

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    you ARE an alcoholic. You just don't realize. Do you think drug addicts know they're addicted? Nope! they realize it when their lives are all f******* up.

    Alcohol is EXTREMELY dangerous for you health. You have no idea! not only does your brain stop functioning the way it should (Scientifically proven to affect you from the very first time you drink) but also leads to many deceases. On a personal experience, I had a co-worker who was heavy on alcohol. Then he was diagnosed with hepatitis 3.. that is just as bad as AIDS.

    What should you do? Well, first of all admit that you have a problem, second, seek help. Third, by all means stop drinking so heavily. By the way, what do you with your life if your drunk all the time? are you married? if not, trust me you never will be.

    seek help my friend, I am being as honest as I can about this and you should take my advise seriously.

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Obviously you already know the answer sense you answered it in your question. You like it to much to stop. Ask yourself, Why!! you like drinking every night. Because it mask all your problems or because you like getting drunk to insulate you from the real world so you don't have to face reality. Or you have become dependent on alcohol. It is a disease, no different then drugs. Either way it will destroy you, your loved ones and effect everything you do every day of your life, until you kill yourself with failed organs. If you can't wait to get to the bar for that drink, then you have a problem. Try to stop drinking for a month. That will finalize the answer to your question. Watch the wasted homeless begging for bucks to get a drink. That could be you some day. They don't call it wasted for nothing. Good Luck

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    Lemme ask you this if someone told you honestly you could never drink again, would you be very upset I mean very!? and your age plays into factors too. You might just be doing it cause all your friends are getting wasted and its fun but the next day usually is not, I think you need to go to a counselor and they will decide. You did not say HOW much you drink to get intoxicated, like more than 2 drinks?? Just see a counselor first!

    Source(s): Im an Alcoholic
  • godiva
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    Why are you drinking? is the question. Is it to get rid of bad feelings over finances, emotional relationships, some thing in your past that you haven't come to terms with? If you are drinking everyday you need to see if you can stop. If you can't youre an alcoholic. do you drink by yourself? do you drink to forget? go to an AA meeting and talk to someone there and ask them the questions you have on your mind. They are open and willing to talk to you about these kind of things. they have all been there or are still there. good luck my friend.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do you lie about the amount of alcohol you drink?

    Do you feel bad (hangover aside) after a drinking session?

    Do you ever drink more in a night than you originally intended to?

    Does the amount of time you spend drinking disrupt normal every-day activities?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions then you might have an alcohol problem.

    Only you know if you do or you dont.

    But be careful because an addict even lies to him/herself in an effort to feed their addiction.

    Go to

    for more info.

  • you should lay off the alcohol for a month and see how you feel.....if you have a hard time falling asleep at night, or if you just have to drink, chances are...your are an alcoholic. check out an aa meeting or hangout with a different crowd that isn't always drinking

  • DelK
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    Got to the AA web site and read a bit about alcoholism. Then, stop for a week or two (choose in advance how long). If you can stop see how your life goes. You need to understand there is a very real probability of liver damage (cirrhosis) if you continue your present pattern.

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    Go to the Alcoholics Anonymous website they have a list of questions you should ask yourself regarding your drinking habits...Sometimes if we're lucky a friend will have the courage to point out something that's going wrong in our life. Guess that's why we call them friends:) Good Luck.

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    An alcoholic is someone who can't live normally without alcohol. It's that easy. If you can't sleep without drinking, socialize without drinking, and crave it when you are without, you are an alcoholic.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well if you go out and drink every night then of course you addicted

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