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how does an atom have so much energy inside it , its so small, how does that blow up a city?


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    It's not the energy from one atom that causes an atomic bomb to explode with such violence, it's the energy from a huge number of atoms.


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    Both chemical reactions and nuclear fission are powered by the electromagnetic interaction, which is an inverse-square force field. Chemical reactions are powered on the atom's electronic structures, which are of dimensions ~ 10^-10 metres, while fission involves the nucleus which is of dimensions 10^-15 metres.

    By the inverse-square law nuclear fission should be 10^10 more powerful than chemical reactions. (Actually its more like 10^6 as it works against the strong nuclear force*. Nuclear FUSION, as occurs in H-bombs, actually harnesses the strong nuclear force instead of the electromagnetic force, and is therefore even more powerful)

    *It's a super-strong but extremely short-range force which holds atomic nuclei together.

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    You must change your point of view about the matter and energy ; when the reaction occurs the mass is converted to energy,this change in mass is multiplied by (9*10^16) .

    So what do you epect from a reaction that converts 1kg

    of uranium -strictly speaking- to energy,

    its 9*10^16jouls which is enough for melting a pyramid itself.

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    it does you know and c is a BIG BIG number so that's why you get lots of energy from matter. So why the negative


    ..and the electromagnetic force (chemical bonds) and the strong nuclear force (atomic bombs) are totally distinct now (they wern't shortly after the big bang but that's another story

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    Nuclear energy is what you are talking about , there is tremendous amount of force b/w protons & neutrons inside a nucleus . You will have to study about nuclear forces , then only you will know about fusion & fission .

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    that boils down to a philosophical question

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