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Are you a hero, when you sign up for the US military?

I am just curious to what you opinion as US patriot is:

Who are heroes?

1. The sailor who threw a cigarrete into oil on the aircraft carrier Washington and started a 100 Million$ fire.

2. His captain, who got fired

3. The 17 guys from Abu graib, who tortured prisoners

4. The 6 US soldiers, who killed Tillman

5. The 62 pilots so far, who fired missiles at allies and killed about 400 of them in the senseless Iraq and Afhganistan wars.

6. The 2381 military, who died from "friendly" fire since 2001

7. Rumsfeld (you get what you get, not what you want)

8. Patreous (its just around the corner)

Please, I just want to know, what you think?


I must be living on another planet, according to most answers, because I don't see anything heroic in unprovoked killing of humans.

War is ugly, there is nothing good about it and I would feel safer without the Pentagon.

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    War is Raw

    Let those who want war go to it

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    Yes, you are a hero, unless you do something incredibly dumb (like #1). Friendly fire is a sad part of war, but a part nonetheless. Anyone who is willing to lay their life on the line for freedom (regardless of what you think, a huge # of servicemen and women believe they are fighting for other people's freedom) is indeed a hero. You clearly have no sense of honor or decency, considering the fact you are willing to trivialize thousands of death to make a petty political point.


    When I am at a bar, or a restaurant with a bar, and I see someone in uniform, I make a miniscule gesture of thanks and buy them a drink. You, on the other hand, choose to ridicule and trivialize their heroism on the internet. Go to an army base and say this, coward. It's easy to be brave on the internet, huh?


    Are you dense? We have a volunteer service (which makes them even more heroic), so how does your comment make any sense? Do we have a draft? Something tells me that if we did, worthless cowards like you would be across the border before you even opened the envelope for your draft card.

    Source(s): I don't agree with the Iraq war, but I am not blinded by partisanship to the point where I cannot see the tremendous heroic sacrifice that has been laid down by so many.
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    No you aren't, you're a hero after you do something heroic. No matter what military you're in.

    Everyone who signs up for the military is brave in that they sign up knowing there's a danger they can be killed, but there's a difference between bravery and heroism.

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    Compared to the democrats in congress, they are ALL heroes. Those in the military are there to defend our great country even though some make mistakes. But the democrats usually hurt this country with their higher taxes and other bad legislation or none action (i.e. lower military spending, not supporting the war against terrorism, etc...).

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    Not just by signing up, no.

    I don't think you really want to know or else you would have asked the question and let it go at that.

    Osama has surfaced again, this time on Yahoo! Answers

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    You should be damn thank full for what we do, it's what keeps you and your family safe. You need to learn respect and start showing gratitude. By the way I really wouldn't say this to Military Personnel face-to-face.

    Source(s): British Army Recruit.
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    of course he wouldn't say that to military personnel face to face....he becomes a lion in the anonymity of the internet

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    Way to bring out all the bad.

    We live and die for you and you post **** like this?

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    Compared to a pansy coward like you, yes they are all heros.

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