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So I've been jogging/walking for almost a month straight, every day except maybe a few days..?

should I be seeing major results?? I've gained a few pounds or so...should I be faster? in better shape?? I need answers...

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    Hmmm well if you've been doing the same routine for a month chances are your body is used to it. You need to alternate your cardio workouts to see the best results. I run consistanlty and have lost much bodyfat this summer

    I run outside for 40 to 50 minutes at a time. By taking different routes, I challenge my body differently each time I run since the path is never the same. Another thing to do is mix up your speeds. You will lose more weight if you run really hard for a minute or two, then jog for minute. If you keep alternating running and jogging, you're body cant get used to it and will end up burning more

    On rainy days or days when I cant go outside I'll hop on the treadmill and run hard for 20 minutes. So mix up your routine by running at different speeds and in different places. You'll definitely see improvements

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