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im having my period how can i get rid of it?

oooo it hurts really bat o damit!!

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    sorry, but you can't. u have to wait it out. *sigh* yes.. ik it sucks. im on mine, just started yesterday, and already the cramps suck! try taking some asprin, or mydol. (my friends swear by mydol. lol)

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    Well u cant get rid of a period the best thing to do is maybe take some asprin..or get in a nice hot relaixng bubble bath and i know how much it hurts...!!! hoped i helped.. :)

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    uhh you can't get rid of it.

    it will be there for 5 to 7 days.

    i know it's seriously uncomfortable, gross, and it hurts alot.

    take some painkillers, go curl up on the couch and sleep/watch a movie.

    and get everyone in your household or dorm or whatever to leave you the **** alone.

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    you mean get rid of the pain .have some tablets painkillers and hot milk with honey .

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