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what can i do to loose weight by september fourth????????????????


no i dont have a bf it is when school starts

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    Go for a run, take dog out. chin ups, push ups, And no sweets/candy.

    Eat porridge, soup, chicken, fish, lots of vege and some fruit.

    dont drink fizzy pop even the diet or sugar free poison, low/non fat milk or water is best.

  • Gym Gym Gym :)

    dont eat junk food

    only drink water

    have some TREATS maybe some chocolate once a week to keep spirits up

    go joggin or walking or if you have a dog take it for a walk once a day good for you both

    go swimming

    get plenty of sleep and watch what you eat :)

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    Only 1 thing I can think of is, Is 4th Sep, your Boyfriend's Bday? :D.

    Join any of the Gym and tell your instructor about what are yr targets/timeframe. 1 month time is decent enough.

    ok, no bf, Why do you care so much about looking fat and all, just stay fit. That's all. Plan your morning jogs.

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    work out a whole lot stop eating bread and drinking sodas drink alot of water and eat alot or water based fruit

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