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Trouble talking with girls...?

it pisses me off so much... everybody else has no problem talking to girls but i am so god damn self concious, everytime i think of talking to a girl the same thought goes through my mind "I'm fat, I'm ugly, if i try to talk to this girl just to become a friend she will make fun of me and word will get out that I'm a total loser who tried to talk to a girl..." I'm in high school and at the least I would like to be able to become friends with girls if not become more than that... but it's gotten to the point where i have convinced myself that I have no chance in hell because I have been teased about my weight ALOT growing up...

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    U and I both. Listen I couldn't talk to girls in the past either but thats because I didn't sold myself. Now I have alot of freinds that are girls, I get the "best freind" hugs and all that jazz because I figured that I shouldn't care on wat people think of me. Yea I know I'm not the hottest guy in the world, but I don't care. I don't care B/C looks and wat others think of me are not the ways to get around life. Maybe if UR an actor then sure, but I'm just a 14-15 year old kid, my 2 priorities right now are goin to school to get an education and makin freinds. So stop carin on wat people think of U. If someone laughs at U then forget them. Just be yourself UR probly a dude with a great personality and thats good chicks dig that. Don't push URself pal, just chill.

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    Man dont stress it one day you will find someone...just try to talk to girls as you and dont lie or try to be something your not... i know a couple of people in my school who dont get much respect from other students because of the same reasons and other reasons but i also know some that i can really talk to no mattter what people think because there personality is what matters... be mature and sweet not too sweet because some will get scared and not talk to you so you wont start feeling something for them...that has happen to me...i dont discriminate i talk to everyone i feel is real and one time that person got it all twisted and thought i liked them and became annoyin to me so i tried to stop talking to them.... just be you in high school you will find someone who sees more then your appearance

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    Just stay true to yourself and someday that one girl will come along and will like you for you!

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    u hve to develop dis first self confidence

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