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can guys get yeast infections?

i dont know where i heard this from

but i heard guys get yeast infections

so do they?

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    Ohhhh, yes we certainly can. Normally we get it from women that have one and don't know it, or are too stupid to tell us about it and not have sex. But we can also get them from other reasons. Diabetic men get them more often before they are diagnosed.

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    Yes most definetley. If a man has sex with a woman woth a yeast infection he can get it from her both orally and intercourse especially if the man is un circumsized. A man can also get a yeast infection from taking an antibiotic for a long period of time.

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    Yeah, check online for symptoms and stuff, I thinkkkkk it's like he's feel itching and burning. It's hard for guys to tell they have an infection cuz they might not feel much discomfort from it even, so if they aren't careful they can spread it to you again or to some other person. So tell him to not have sex or to wear a condom until he's better! also get yourself a medicine for your yeast infection, they are really annoying and uncomfortable

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    Yep. Yeast can live many places, and can get out of control anywhere it can live. Esophagus, intestines, urinary tract, etc.

    More people have yeast problems than realize it.

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    Yes they can and it's not a comfortable situation. It is not that unusual.

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