highskool help!!!!!!!?

hi!!!!!!! kk im starting highskool and i want to change my whole intiire style i like those graphic funny tees but im nt sure if its okay for highskool can u list me all the trends that r out thhere!!!!!! thanx

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    Okay first of all changing your style is fine, but wear what you want. Part of high school is finding out who YOU are, not what the popular syle is. If you want to wear graphic tees becasue you think they are cute wear them. You shouldn't have to wear the exact some outfit as the popular group at school just to fit in.

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    Oh wow, that is a big question.

    There are SO MANY high school trends, it will be very hard to list them all. Also, my school has a dress code, so I can't list shorts above the knee or shoulder-baring shirts. But these are some of the biggest trends I can think of now.

    1. Jeans! Obviously, jeans are always in. Most people wear skinny/straight. Wear them with any kind of shirt.

    2. American Apparel - Almost all things AA are in style - especially their v-neck tshirts and zip up sweatshirts. Also, for going out, people wear the boatneck leotards underneath jeans or high-waisted AA skirts.

    3. Flip flops/gladiators & Uggs - For summer/spring, flip flops and gladiators are great. In the winter, everybody tucks their pants into tall Uggs. Converse/Vans and ballerina flats are also in style.

    4. Leggings - This is a big trend. We wear ankle-length leggings in either black, grey (light or charcoal), or navy. Bolder people wear them with shorter tops, like AA tshirts or other cute T's with a white tank top layered underneath. Other people wear them with longer tops that at least cover your butt!

    5. Jewellery - When you are wearing a somewhat plain top, wear a very long necklace (to about the bottom of your ribcage) with it. Mostly the necklaces are thin chains with some sort of pendant. The Tiffany dogtags are really popular.

    6. Yoga pants - These are sort of like leggings, just a little looser. In Toronto we buy them at Lululemon or Aritzia (TNA brand).

    7. Cardigans - This is great for winter. Wear a pair of jeans/leggings/yoga pants with a simply black or white tank top, then wear a plain button down cardigan open on top. Add a long necklace and you're set!

    8. Baggy sweats - Good sweat pants come from Roots, but they're kind of expensive, so similar ones work well. Wear them with T shirts (they can be graphic tees :]) and bring a zip up sweatshirt.

    That's all I can think of for now. Good luck in high school!

    Source(s): Going into grade 10.
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    I'm going to be a sophomore and the best thing to wear is clothes that are colorful and flattering to your shape. You can wear a graphic tee with skinny jeans and then put on some heels if you wear them or flats. But whatever you do, don't forget to be yourself and don't follow everyone else to fit in because that's just stupid and they know when your faking.

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    Graphic fun tees are not exactly high school. I mean, I do see some people wearing them, but not many. I would try preppy if u r a girl. I mean, most girls at my high school wear hollister, abercrombie, ect. or girls dress like Paris Hilton ( not recomended) I would say don't try to change your taste in clothing because of high school. Be yourself!!

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    Hun its my first year of highschool this year too

    tunics are really in

    by them selves or with leggings

    a couple of cute VINTAGE graphic tee's are good

    skinny jeans

    but dont forget to dress for what looks good on you

    it will make you feel less poserish

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    unless u decide to not change alot , or else graphic tees are a no no . do choose somthing more glamorous not too over doing it though , and if u really wan to change entirely , get a new hair cut .. although i dunt know how u look , but hair cuts will make one look totally diff frm before .. good luck

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    the first trend is learning how to spell


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