what's the relevance of shakespeare's works? so i could defend my reasearch paper. .?

oh and i need answers fast.

Shakespeare's constant theme of distorted love. For example, in Romeo and Juliet, when two youngsters from warring families fall in love. Or Hamlet, where Hamlet's mother Gertrude supposedly loves her son but does nothing to stop Claudius from manipulating Hamlet. Or in a Midsummer Night's Dream, where love is more of a spell than a feeling. You could take three or four of his works and come up with a thesis about how Shakespeare uses the concept of love and inverts it in a way that fuels the tragedies he writes.

i need to know what's the relevance for picking this topic for my research paper. thanks for the help.

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    Love is the motivation behind everything we humans do. We choose the careers we choose for a passion for that type of work. We do things we hate (Like watching baseball all day every Sunday) to appease the men we love. We make ourselves miserable to attempt to make our parents happy so that they will love us better than our three siblings. We take on the extra 10 projects at work and kill ourselves to finish them so that the boss will love us best when it comes time to promote someone. It is the foundation for our existence, albeit it a rather unhealthy one.

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    on condition that I got here right here from the rustic, I easily have not seen her close. tell me, is-- is she alluring? Thomas, if i might desire to write with the stunning thing approximately her eyes, i replaced into born to look in them and understand myself. A-A-And her lips? Her lips? The early morning rose could whither on the branch if it might desire to experience envy. And her voice, like lark's music? Deeper, softer. None of your twittering larks. i could banish nightingales from her backyard earlier they interrupt her music. Oh, she sings too? - continually. doubtless. And performs the lute. She has a organic ear. And her bosom. Did I point out her bosom? What of her bosom? Oh, Thomas, a pair of pippins... as around and uncommon as golden apples. i think of milady is sensible to maintain your love at a distance. For what woman might desire to stay as much because it close to to... whilst her eyes and lips and voice could be not greater alluring than mine. ---------william Shakespeare---'shakespeare in love'(the hot juliet)

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