why wont he make a move?

so, ive met this guy and we've been hanging out for over a month now, we met each other through a mutual friend and hit it off straight away, apparently he talks about me all the time. Ive started to develop feelings for him, and people around us treat me as though theres something going on, like they automatically pair us up if we go out. When we've had a drink he becomes more relaxed and puts his arm around me, but alot of the time he just seems really shy, i link my arm with his and he doesnt pull away.

my gut feeling tells me that he likes me alot, but how can i take this further without scaring him away?

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    either he's a real shy guy or he's a real coward. seems like he's indeed comfortable with you and that means he likes you. but it think he's scared you might not like him as much and he might lose whatever you have now if he says his piece. so go for the gold, girl. i really don't think there's anything wrong with sayng what you feel. after all, if it doesn't work out the way you want it to be, you can always be friends. the sad thing is if you didn't make the move and you lose him because he thinks you're not interested. some guys are just too scared to fail

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    Sounds like he is too shy and nervous to make the first move. Maybe he doesn't have a lot of experience with girls.It sounds like it is up to you to make the first move. No big deal. Go for it! When you say goodbye to him hug him and kiss him on the cheek and then lightly on the lips and stay close to his face and give him a little smile. Don't stay there too long ( otherwise it will get awkward) just give him a chance to lean in and kiss you back. If he doesn't don't worry he will likely be thinking about the missed opportunity and kiss you on the next date. Without being too obvious give him opportunities to make a move, sometimes the shy guys just need a little help. good luck!

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    He is probably more scared to scare you away. I am a fairly shy guy and it sounds weird, but sometimes i am so nervous about a good thing, that I wait for the girl to make a move. Unless I get drunk with her, moment heats up, then I make the move and then blame it on the alcohol ;).

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    Sounds like he likes you, but he sounds shy. Just make a move, the worst that could happen is him rejecting you, and if that happens it wasn't meant to be anywas

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    tell him you like him and you hope he feels the same way, if so ask him oout.

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