Careers with horses?

can someone tell me what are some good careers with horses (other than the obvious, barn manager, riding instructor, training, vet, tack store) Give me as many ideas as you can come up with!

Thanks!!!! 8*)

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    well i am goign to major in equine(something) becasue i want to do ( this is the coolest job ever!)

    Mounted Backcountry Ranger- you basiccly ride off trail into the wilderness of National parks and do rescue missons and stop poaching. The only problem is its seasonal so my back- up job would be to do

    Wrangling at a dude ranch. Preferably a Vacation Dude ranch but i don't really mind.

    But if your into nutrition and don't wnat to get your hands dirty you can do arena/ stable design, crss country corse design, Nutritionist for horses, horse aprasiler, soil tester and so on. Let your imagination take you away and i can garuntee you the job is out there.

    And a tip- I am now a senior in high school and applying to colleges and when i began looking my parents said i had to double major in English becasue the job i wanted didn't pay well. I eventuly told them to back off and let me choose my future and whatever else it brings, so the key hear is to do what you love not what your told to love.

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    1 decade ago

    I used to want to be a horse chiropractor. I went on rounds with this guy for a day and I loved it because he showed me all types of things you can do to bring a horse relief from back pains, leg pains, etc. It's also good money! About three hundred a horse or so. The downside is you gotta be pretty strong, but delicate handed.

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    How about working with a breeding facility..making more little baby horsies. Or you could be a bum on the track. You could be a horse shipper. You could be an animal cop and rescue horsies. You could work with handicapped children and horses. You could be a chiropractor or someone who does accupuncture on horses. Let's could.....O! Farrier or barefoot trimming specialist.'s a good website...check this out...

  • 1 decade ago

    Horse Accupunturist and Accupressure, breeding manager

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A horse dentist. Horses need dental work yearly and there just are not that many good dentist out there.

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    1 decade ago

    You can be a private messenger! Like... some guy likes some girl and writes her a letter, you can charge him five bucks and ride your horse to wherever he wants it delivered! I think that would be totally fun!

    Also, you can be hired for kid parties and have them ride your horse there.

    Uhm...that is all I can think of sorry!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    horse chiropractor

    equestrian show grounds owner


    horse show photographer

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