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crazy dream? need more answers?

i had a weird dream last night.

i have a boyfriend but this dream is about a guy that goes to my camp who i had a thing for last year.....

so anyway, in the dream we were somewhere [dont know where] and we were flirting a lott and i like stole is hat and he let me wear it [he never lets anyone do that] then my bf calls and he gets all upset cuz im hanging with...lets call him R.

i hang up, and R tells me he loves me.

then i wake up.

what was that dream all about?

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    This dream means you still have some strong feelings for "R". You are still in love with R and you can't get him out of your mind regardless of your relationship with your boyfriend.

    You are confused about this.

    As for the cap situation, I would say it means that he trusted you at one point of your friendship during this camp. He keeps you in high regard, and he would trust you with his problems at camp. Correct me if im wrong.

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    You must have feelings for this boy at camp. If your going to camp soon be careful that that dream doesn't come true. Unless you really really like him then you might have to break up with your boyfriend. But then remember, you won't see the guy at camp for another year.

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    you love your old bf more than thew one you have now. You are regretting letting him go from your life and now you want him back so bad you are dreaming about him.

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    sounds like you never had closure with the boy from camp

    maybe you still like him

    or maybe your just curious about him and how hes doing

    anyway, your subconsious was thinking about him lol.

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