Whats your favorite.....?

Old wives tale for gender prediction? I think some of them are so funny but some of them I kind of can see some truth behind! So I wanted to know which ones you like!

PS. If you flat out dont believe or enjoy any of them then PLEASE dont respond. I think everybody knows they are not reliable and just for fun! Im not looking for the negativity of people saying "they are all wrong, they arnt real, or they are dumb!"


I kind of buy into the morning sickness thing. Of course its not right for EVERYONE but I guess I will be my own judge. With my first child I had NO morning sickness....it was a boy. So far with this baby I have had morning sickness VERY badly! I dont know the gender yet but if its a girl then I have to say I believe it!

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    My favorite was to take a needle with a piece of thread attached and insert it into the eraser of a pencil. Hold it up over a surface (the pregnant woman does this). If it swings in a circle, you're having a boy, and if it goes back and forth it's a girl.

    It was wrong on both counts for me. I had 2 boys.

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    I like (and kind of buy into) "the way you're carrying" old wives tale. I've had a million strangers look at me and say, "You're having a boy" because I'm carrying so low. Everyone says that and they're all right! Another girl I know is carrying really high, and it is a girl!

    *Edit- I had the WORST morning sickness for three months and I'm having a boy. I guess you never know.

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    Well with my daughter I did crave sour thingshad a little morning sickness and I did carry low. With my son I crave sweet things like crazy, had no morning sickness and I'm carrying high.

    So far they were all right. I know they're just for fun, but every pregnancy I still sit there and read them all to 'see' what I am having LOL.

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