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My back is killing me.............?

I've had this before I havn't gone to the doc yet, it's just too exspensive here in America. But I'm going to have to tap into my savings and just go. In the meantime what could I do for the pain? What's the best medicine? My lower back is hurting so bad and one hip is up higher than the other one I can't seem to get straight. If I take Motrin for pain can I take more than usual? Don't tell me to just go to the doc I know that. I'm asking people that have had similuar things god I'm in so much pain I don't even know what I'm saying


Thanks Nermius thats what I needed to know. And for the others I'm not overweight (I've been a dancer, classically trained, all my life) I've had back problems since I was a kid. But just now it is really starting to get to me.

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    You can take up to 800mg of motrin/ibuprophen (that's usually 4 otc pills) sure you take it with milk or have food on your stomach. You can take that amount every 8 hours. Alternate with some tylenol/acetaminophen in the middle (regular dose of extra strength, no extra)

    Heating pad if your gonna be laying down. If you gotta be up and moving, try those heat patches you can get...not exactly cheap, but they work wonders for me.

    Back pain sucks something terrible.....I went through a spell where it was so bad I was taking Lortab ,Soma and Flexeril

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    If you have one leg shorter than the other, it gives your spine a jolt every time you walk. I had some shoes made with the right one built up an inch higher than the left one and all the back pain went away.

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    Rest it and you may consider better posture and sleeping techniques (sleeping flat on your back). Also massages are very good for getting rid of scar tissue in muscles! You might have to consider losing weight as excess weight puts a severe amount of pressure on the muscles in your lower back.

    See ya!

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