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Fable or Fable:the lost chapters?

well i have an xbox 360 and a pretty good PC and i have never played fable and i wanna play before i play fable 2, so should i get the xbox version or the PC version (the lost chapters), if i get the xbox version should i download from the marketplace or get the disc? also can i private chat and be signed in to xbox live while using the disc version? and last is there a lost chapters version for xbox?

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    I would go with Fable: The Lost Chapter, as it adds a good amount of content to the original game. Buying the disk would be preferable to the Marketplace, as (like one of the above Answerers) it's always good to have a 'hard copy' should something happen.

    As far as I can tell, private chat and other Xbox Live functions are not effected by you playing TLC.

    On a final note, TLC *is* available on Xbox, and can be played on the 360 with no problems (as long as the 360 has a hard drive). I purchased TLC for the Xbox right after it was released (which was right after the PC release) and have had no problems with it since I got a 360. Wonderful game.

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    There is a lost chapters version for xbox. It came out before the pc version

    starting at a 19.99 retail price. It includes everything from the original fable plus loads of extra things including a whole new city.

    I'd be opt for getting the xbox version, I've noticed alot of pc games that are ported from console games are more glitchy than normal, although fable can be kinda glitchy in the first place (nothing too bad so dont worry)

    The last thing I would do is download it from xbox live as that is only the original version and not lost chapters.

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    I would get the xbox version. That way you will be semi used to the general controls when Fable 2 comes out.

    I would get the disk. But thats just because I personally would feel better having it in case my 360 broke and had the chance of the game being deleted.

    You can be signed into xbox live while using the disk version, and should be able to private chat. I dont believe there is a lost chapters for the Xbox360.

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    Get it for the PC, If you get the xbox version and have a pretty free hardrive download it, i think when you download it you can still you the guide. when you use the disk your guide is deactivated, and no the lost chapters is not avalible for the xbox.

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    I would opt for the PC version.

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    the lost chapters has more stuff and an extended story line longer gameplay and more quests

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