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who is figaro?

please, can you very shorty, just in several wqords tell who was figaro, i have nor read barber of sevilel and marriage of figaro?

and what happens to figaro, is he positive character, negative, please someone telkl me the summary of these two books very shortly


i bed you

i ahve exam


thanks for answer, but i did nto understand, language was tooop colpcicated, if figaro was going to marry, then what connectin with this has prince?? please xplain, please

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    The term Figaro may refer to any of the following:

    Figaro, the central character in the comedies, Le Barbier de Séville,

    According to the information Figaro gives at various points throughout the plays, his life story appears to be thus: he was the illegitimate son of Dr. Bartholo and his maid Marceline, and presumably therefore given his mother's family name, was born Emmanuel de Verte-Allure. He was kidnapped as a baby and raised by gypsies, who are probably the ones that re-named him Figaro.

    How Figaro become prince..?Here in the marriage of figaro

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    Dear one, you have to do your own homework.

    The barber of Seville is about a man with a beautiful daughter who has 2 suitors - a rich, but miserly and mean, old man and the handsome prince of the city. Through a bunch of madcap happenings etc. Figaro arranges so that the handsome prince marries the pretty girl and the old man gets his comeuppance.

    The marriage of Figaro takes place a few years later. Figaro is getting married and the Prince and his wife are no longer happy (he cheats on her). Just before Figaro is to get married, an old girlfriend (literally OLD) comes up and produces a marriage contract between her and Figaro. Through a lot of intrigue and mishaps, the Prince realizes that he's a fink for cheating on his wife and vows to be faithful, the old girlfriend gets found (false contract) and Figaro and his lady love get married.

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    The part involving the Prince is a secondary plot involving the Prince's marriage in the first book. You should have just read the books.

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