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bump next to navel piercing !?

ive been having this bump next to my belly ring for months it just wont go away. im using emu oil for it. its doesn't hurt or anything and i know its not infected. i heard changing it to a bigger piercing will help. i went back to were i got it pierced and they just gave me emu oil. but it wont go away!

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    this sounds like hypertrophic scarring. its usually caused by your jewelry getting bumped around. make sure your barbell is not too long and not getting caught on anything. also make sure your jewelry is high quality. to get rid of the bump i suggest hot compresses. wet a CLEAN facecloth with as hot of water as you can handle and put it on your piercing until the facecloth is no longer hot, then repeat this a few times a day. if it does not go away go see a reputable piercer and see what they say.

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    Try using H2Ocean or a sea salt solution. Soak for about 15 mins. I'd say about maybe twice a day. It could be a keloid inside of the piercing. Which is probably why it doesn't hurt. Anyways, good luck!

    Source(s): I had one in my labret piercing. =S
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