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Quest. for more sensitive people?

Did you ever have to change your "life's philosophy", the way you see life, just to be happier, to "survive". pl share thoughts, thanx

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    Please remember...

    Life is what you think it is.

    At any given moment it can all change.

    We are the masters of our minds.

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    As a sensitive person who used to be easily hurt I finally came to the understanding that if I didn't change the way I reacted to people and situations I was going to be miserable all the time. Yes I did have to change my philosophy in a sense. People can't hurt me unless I let them. I choose not to let them. I still struggle with it at times, and I still feel hurt, but the duration is less.....I bounce back faster.

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    No one can make you change your life's philosophy but I have found that the more I try to understand other religions the more confused I get and then I'm reminded of the movie "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" where they just say 'Be excellent to each other and party on dudes'

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    Not exactly. What I had to do was strip away the garbage that I accumulated from other people in order to reveal myself. I didn't change so much as I shed.

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