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Easy gamerpoints?

Whats the eaiest game that gives lots of gamerpoints for the 360

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    Bully : Will Take you about 30 hours for 1000

    Fight Night Round 3: A solid 10 or so hours for 1000

    King Kong: Just playing through the story once gets 1000

    Nba 2k6: You can get all achievements in one game. 1000

    COD4: Some will disagree with me, but i found it not that difficult to get 1000. No online achievements either.

    Avatar: 5 minutes to get 1000

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    Battlefield Bad Company gives up to 600-935 points easy

    Some sports games give you gamerpoints for doing things on SUPER DUPER easy mode.

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    I'd have to recommend either Oblivion or Halo 3, since it's easy to find all of the skulls and get the online achievements if you play around for a bit, but Oblivion would take much longer to play out unless you went straight from character creation and ignored the main quest.

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    Probably the easiest game to get 1000 Points is Avatar - The Burning Earth.

    In approx. 2 Minutes you will have your 1000 points.

    Other games for easy points are on the website

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    Avatar the last airbender rent it out and on the first guy hit him 50 times in a row without being hit and you get 1000 gamerscore

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    oblivian 3

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