if u had choose.......?

1) would you to a private boarding school if they cut half the price off... 2) be a dog for a day?... 3) what would your super hero power be???... 4) skittles or m&m's?... 5) monkeys or koalas?... 6) live in a mansion in hollywood but have a REALLY crappy car, or have a REALLY nice car of your choice for free but live in an apartment??.... 7) be in a horror movie, get REALLY rich, but then die 4 months later, or be in a crappy movie and dont make any money but live?... 8) have your fave stuffed animal come to life, or have your pet talk to you?... 9) will u give this a star???... 10) be crazy but live until your 100, or be sane but live until your 70?... thanks!

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  • Delly
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    1 decade ago
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    hell yeah

    move things with my eyes

    skittles for sure =]


    nice car... apartment of my choice.

    i like being alive

    have my pet talk to me... but then again Mr pinky coming to life would be pretty darn awesome.

    yes'll i'll give this a star *STAR* =]

    sane until 70.... that's plenty long enough anyways!!!!

    GREAT QUESTIONS!!!! =] =] =]

    ♥ ♣

  • 1 decade ago

    1)no 9)sure!

    2)yes 10)sane and live till70

    3)super speed and telepathy



    6)live in a mansion and have a crappy car

    7)crappy movie,not make money and live

    8)have my pet talk

    what r u expecting exactly?

  • 1 decade ago
  • 1 decade ago

    i'd be a dog for a day ANYDAY

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