high school sweetheart is back!!?

so I'm in a commited relationship for 3 yrs now I also have a

toddler that my boyfriend is raising as his own but my hs sweetheart and I just got in contact after 10 years. He's also in a relationship but his sounds half way over. I still get butterflies when I talk to him and lately its been everyday. We live 8hrs away from eachother n r planning to see eachother in 2 months should I go thru with it? Or should I cancel? There's a pretty good chance that if I see him I will cheat. N did I mention that my 40something year old boyfriend is not the marry type? It took him two yrs to finally get a place with me to live and he won't talk about marriage. I know my hs sweet would marry me sooner than my bf. Would. I have feelings for both what should I do???? I'm not in a rush to get married at all. But I want to know what other people think of me situation.


dont know if it makes a difference by hs n I grew up 2gether so i have known him pretty much all my life xcept these past 10 years. We share lots of memories 2gether. I probably won't go thru with it.95percent sure at the moment

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    even though you are not married, i would still not go thru with meeting up. people can change drastically in 10 years. you may think he's the same as you remember, as you may also think the same about yourself - but you're not. you've gotten older, and hopefully wiser.

    good luck

    Source(s): mama used to say: "never go back - always move forward"
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    You haven't seen this man is 10 years and you are ready to through away your current relationship. Are you serious? After 10 years, this man could be a murderer or rapist, you don't know. Why would you think that your hs sweetheart would marry you. He is in a relationship that is about to end, you would just be a bootycall. You are already thinking about cheating with him. Seriously, here is what will happen: You will meet your HS sweetheart regardless of what any of us say. You will sleep with him and be hooked (like a highschooler) You will tell your boyfriend that you are leaving him because you found someone new. He will be hurt and your toddler will be hurt because he is losing the father figure that he loves. You will go to your hs sweetheart and he will sleep with you again a few times (if that) and then tell you that it just isn't working. Then you and your child will be left alone and wishing that you made a more mature judgement.

    But, hey, good luck.

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    "sounds like his relationship is half over" .. What the hell do you know?.He could be truly happy and filling you up w/lies to see how far you will go?.. Sound like your BF maybe not marriage material but sure as hell is being a "father" material.. why would you jeopordize what you have? ... You know if this HS of yours is so quick to meet up w/you in the DL (cuz I bet you his other 1/2 doesn't know) what makes you think he's going to be honest w/you?::: So fine give him the benefit of the doubt and assume his relationship is ALMOST over.. Well he should be man enough to END it before he sees you.. YOU at no point should lower yourself to being "the other woman"!!! think about it!

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    Just in case no one told you, you are not in a committed relationship.

    You are living with a guy who will not marry (commit) you and have a child from another guy?

    While all of this is going on you have "made contact" with a guy from 10 years ago?

    Where is your commitment , especially to your child?

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    Hey dont even do it u will be cheationg on your spouce first know if your bofriend want to marry or waste your time then just go with your seetheart

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    One bird in hands is better then Two in bush..

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    I believe you are an adult and you should be able to make decision for yourself, so follow your heart.

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    FLAGGER has this one spot on! Well said!

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