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When do contractions start?

i'm 23 weeks pregnant and i'm jw when the contractions start, i have this fear that i'll be at work when i have a contraction or even if i go into labor,i am going to be work 'till the week of my due date which is Nov 25-29. But can anyone tell me when the contractions are suppost to start?

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    they can start anywhere any time, so when our around 38 weeks plus its best to stay near to home or at a friends, or your mums just incase! good luck!!

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    We'll a lot of it has to do with your body and your baby! So its hard to say. Most women don't go into labor until 38-40 weeks. That is when it is considered safe to go into labor. But like I said before everyone is different. Thing like... the size of your baby, the number of children you've previously had, the way your cervix dilates/thins... ect. One other thing to consider is even if you start having contractions at work you will most likely have time to get to a hospital. Most women are in labor for 8-12 hours on average. I was personally in labor for 28 hours!

    I hope the best for you!

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