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Very very light period?HELP!?

IM 13 and i just recently got my period for the first time in May.I have noticed that my period is very very light.So light that i use pantiy liners instead of pads because i know my period will not fill that whole thing up.And i use tampons because there more comfertable and i only use them when i feel like period is at its heaviest.but when i take it out hardly anythings on it and im on the lowest absorbency.My period only lasts about 2 to 3 days only once it lasted 4 days.And its not a constent flow.I drip maybe once every 10 minutes.I only change the pantiey liner maybe 3 to 4 times a day.And hardly anything comes out at night.I put a new panty liner on before i go to bed and nothings on it.Its almost like it stops when i go to sleep.And i don't get severe pains.I get very minor cramps.The only worst thing that happens is my lower back hurts bad.but i take advil and its gone.I would really like to know y is my period so light?

Is there something wrong with me?


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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with you what so ever. I'm 14 years old and got my period in January this year. When i first started it was EXTREMELY light and a light brown/dark colour. It also only lasted a couple of days.

    Only a few days ago i actually started to get it really heavy! it's horrible and i am having to change a pad like every hour


    don't worry at all! it's perfectly normal i've been through it as well. Oh and about the sleeping thing your period usually stops abit when you sleep so nothing to worry about either.

    Best of luck,

    it'l get better


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    there is no need to worry about your period being are still young and only started your periods in may, this will happen from time to time until your body adjust to the there is nothing wrong with you...this can even happen to mature women...yours will settle down eventually....don't worry because that can make your period change as well.

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    i know people that have light periods, its good believe me.

    Mine are relatively light, not a constant flow, i didn't they were meant to be though...

    back pain is normal too had that myself so relax.

    With the bed, thats bound to happen, for a lot of people it stops in the night. Mine does, not all the time but sometimes.

    So you are perfectly healthy and fine. You are lucky to have light periods!

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    everyone is different. i suffer from bad periods but when i go to sleep like youa nd wake up there is nothing. all girls are different, i swear none of us are the same. you are young and you body is still developing. nothing is wrong, just give it time.

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    dont worry - its just your body deciding whats best for you.

    you dont want really heavy periods - there awful! i would love to be you and have light periods. but dont worry - they will get heavier!!

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    1 decade ago

    ur fine

    if any thin u sud b glad ur period is light

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