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next summer my dad is going to get this 2002 white Honda civic someone is selling, good car?

is it a good first car thanks

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    In general, Hondas are excellent cars, top rated by both CAR AND DRIVER and MOTOR TREND magazines and usually rated above average reliability by CONSUMER REPORTS. You do have to consider how well the previous owner(s) ttook care of the car, as a lack of proper service and care can make the best car built into a junker in a few years. Consider the miles shown on the car as well. If it's been well cared for and is well tuned-up (basically clean spark plugs, distributor cap (if applicable- I'm not sure on a '02 Civic), air and fuel filters and regular oil and filter changes as well as antifreeze every 3-4 years, a Civic should give you reliable service as well as very good gas mileage. Also, keep the tires aired up to the recommeded amount (found on the door jamb drivers side), or as I usually do about 35 psi. If you check them every month, this really helps your mileage. I think Hondas and Toyotas are probably (generally) as good a car as your going to find, but usually cost a bit more used than a comparable American brand(their parts to repair them are usually costlier, too, and often not available at your local parts store.). I hope that youenjoy your Honda, a wise choice in used cars.

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    This is probably one of the best car for first timer. It's reliable and gas efficient so you do not spend alot of money on maintain it. Plus almost everyone could work on it, so you can take it virtual everywhere, thought the part is a little more than Domestics, but way cheaper than Europeans.

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    Honda automobiles have proven very reliable,should make good 1st car.The main thing to find out how they maintained the car.

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    I think so. Good & reliable like most Hondas.

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    well, i think that it looks nice..but is from 2002 .. maybe he will change his mind and he will buy u something better ..:) but it looks nice..:P, and what is important is for u to like it ...:P

  • Anonymous
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    it was and is my first car.

    i LOVE my civic.

    cute, clean, reliable.

    i still havent had a problem with mine.

    good luck :)

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