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I feel like am setting my self up for abuse later in{kind of long]?

I feel like am setting my self up for abuse later in{kind of long]?

am in a realtionship last one last only 2 days with soe guy who was big, tall, and scary looking..he was an outkast at school., he graduated this year..this passed school year (am highschool by the way, entering junior year) this year i noticed a diffrenece in how the guys been treating, like in my class., partically i thought it was my falut.

this year i got depressed. people in my school know knows about the prbolems/ fights bettween me and my mom, they see am emtional, they see am insecure, passive..and recent this one guy who brain washed the other said that i get high, that's why am slow. I hate drugs and would never take them. also people that that guy i went out with for 2 days, use to hit me...he never did. But i notice that the guys in my class have started to pinch, shoved, touch my thighs, and all form of this disresepct..i dont like it at all, Instead i react implusivly, and ethier hit


Instead i react implusivly, and ethier hit them, or move, but they in turn keep doing it.

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this is something else that happened in my life:;_ylt=AuRVx...

am scared for my life right not aonly at school, but am home with my dad, aout of all of us, me, mt sister, my other little sister, and my brother. he gets made at me the time she slipped bi*tch out his mouth 3 times, and threw a water bottle at my head, when mom was'nt home..( i never told mom)

mom, is a drug addict.

he a recoverig drug addict, and it unstable, and difunctional, insecure,

seh even brigns me down to bring her self up..

am the center of attention know, when any one in the house is feeling down, am teh one who they get there confidence from..

am scared, & worried about what is going to happen.

Update 2:

Am gettin out depression now, but i feel like i ve piseed these people off i my school, just for me tooo quiet, insecure, losing weight (30+) etc..

i dont have a support system, my older sister

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is too sick in the head to deal with me...honestly, i just want to run away..

acs is also in our lives bcuz this year, they Finally, like me stressed this word out..finally, found out oabout he fight that we have, when i she actually admited to her that she hit me..but she went over board.swug me with a bat and near took ny eye out..i had a hug mark of the coner of my left eye.

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guys in my school evern thisnk am a hoe, just because i wanted to be a sex therpasit..and they saw the list of carers in my note book.

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I still a virgin, and that to me is special to me..

I just want to help peopel who might have sex issues in our society, like divorces.

my moom evens knows, now and judges me about it.

8 minutes ago

me a& my mom figh

Update 3:

me & my mom fight.

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    I find it very hard to follow your writing, but if I get this right, there are a series of things you can do to help yourself.

    1. Talk to your guidance counselor at school. She will be able to put you in contact with multiple services that will benefit you.

    2. Stop lying about your former fellow. He doesn't deserve it, and you are creating disrespect for yourself by telling lies.

    3. If students are pinching and poking, then report it to your guidance counselor. This is bullying, and is against the law. By law, they will have to intervene and put a stop to it immediately.

    4 Exercise daily. Even just a good walk. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain, which are chemicals that make you feel good. These will help to combat your depression.

    5. When you get up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself 3 good things about yourself. Even if it is something as simple as 'my shoes match this morning', it is a psychological trick that will make yourself start the day feeling better.

    6. I do not know your religious afiliation, but I encourage you to become active in a church. The socialization will be wonderful for you, and the faith building will strengthen your ability to ignore the people who are bringing you down. If you can't join a church, then find a volunteer activity. Walk dogs at the animal shelter, shelve books at the local library, ... It will benefit you more than it will benefit them.

  • First I would like to say I will pray for you.

    I think you should ignore what the negative people say.And try and have a talk with your family everyone,sit them down and tell them how you feel.And it will be o.k. to cry it would make you feel better!

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